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SWITCH Open Meeting - June 2019 - Vivek Gupta

  • 07 Jun 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Innovation Park (945 Princess Street)

Join Kingston's sustainable energy community at this free meeting featuring a presentation by a sustainable energy expert, introductions, sector news, networking, and refreshments.


Vivek Gupta, Solar Energy Tree  

 Simultaneously collecting thermal and photovoltaic energy in a simple manner
  • Solar Energy Tree will bring the cost of solar energy at par or lower than hydro, nuclear and coal
  • Is based on two simple scientific principles
  • Light reflects multiple times between two reflective parallel surfaces
  • Hot air rises
  • Does not interfere with any ecosystem, air, water, habitats, etc.
  • Patent pending in the US
  • Will simultaneously protect the environment and the economy

At present, silicon based solar cells can absorb only a certain spectrum of light. Therefore, they are reaching their theoretical efficiency limits. By splitting the light into various components, solar panels can be made with spectrum-specific cells to further enhance their efficiency.

Three patents granted by the USPTO

  • Building Evacuation System (2004)
  • Insulating and Heat Dissipating Panels (2012)
  • Set of Handheld Adjustable Panels of Ergonomic Keys and Mouse (2015)

Vivek is an innovation enthusiast. He enjoys working with simple mechanical designs.

Get a sneak preview of Vivek Gupta's Patent pending solar presentation here.

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