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About us

SWITCH was incorporated in Ontario in 2002 as a not-for-profit organization. Since that time SWITCH has grown from a collection of interested individuals to a strong network of as many as 140 private and public institutions and individual members representing many facets of the sustainable energy community. SWITCH has become a networking hub and source of technical information and business advice for those involved in alternative energy research, education, project development, policy work and entrepreneurship.

SWITCH is dedicated to improving the environmental and economic sustainability of Southeastern Ontario through promoting development and commercialization of energy efficient and alternative energy technologies, products, processes, and services. SWITCH aims to create a local concentration of industrial, commercial, investment, applied research, and educational activities in the alternative energy sector by providing networking, technical advisory, project facilitation, and informational services to local private and public sector organizations, research and educational institutions, community groups, and individuals.

SWITCH is centered around Kingston, Ontario.



Email: info@switchontario.ca

Contact SWITCH: Mailing Address:

SWITCH Ontario

28 Hill St,

Kingston, ON

K7L 2M3

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