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Presentation Archive

The following archive will be kept as up to date as possible with the Powerpoint presentations from our Open Meeting speakers.  SWITCH Open 

Meetings occur on the first Friday of every month.  During the pandemic they will be occurring virtually by Zoom.

More recent presentation recordings and/or slides are available under the EVENTS/EVENTS CALENDAR tab.

September 2020

Presentation Link: Tyler Blower, Peter Vogel, T.Zaremba, Otter Energy Inc: 

What's Next in Solar Kingston & the 1000 Islands; Power Purchase Agreements, Net Metering, and Operations & Maintenance.

July 2020

Presenation Link:  Steve Lapp, Paul McClatchy, City of KingstonSpencer Bardell, and Ian Kilborn.

Electric Vehicle Talks Kingston EVs.

June 2020

Presentation Link: Isabelle Turcotte and Carolyn Kim, Pembina Institute:

Rebuilding Canada for a healthier economic future.

March 2020

Presentation: Burgandy Dunn, Viridius Lex

Climate law update: Risks and Opportunities for Ontario business

April 2020

Presentation Link: Katie Sullivan, IETA Climate challenges and Market Solutions.

Era of Enhanced Climate Ambition Outlook for Climate Markets & Finance

January 2020

Presentation Link: Robert Cumming, Lafarge, Canada.

Mineralization, The Next Big Thing in Carbon Reduction

December 2019

Presentation Link:  David Hyndman and Peter Sells, FireRein.

Fire Suppressants, PFAS problem, and Impacts on the environment GHG Emissions.

October 2019

Presentation Link: Vanessa Cipirani, Clean Air Partnership. 

Using Local Improvement Charges (LIC) to Finance Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofits

September 2019

Presentation Link:  Dianne Saxe, Climate and Carbon Pricing. 

The Climate Crisis, the New Federal program and outcomes, and how the previous Cap and Trade program functioned.

July 2019

Presentation Link:  Kingston Climate Hub, Kingston's Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, and a summary of survey results.

June 2019

Presentation Link:  Vivek Gupta, Solar Energy Tree

Simultaneously collecting thermal and photovoltaic energy in a simple manner.

May 2019

Presentation Link:  James S. Juczak, Woodhenge Sustainable Community

Energy and Raw Materials: Where Will We Be in a Millennia or Two?

 Presentation here.

April 2019

Presentation:  Yutian Zhao, CUTRIC Vision & Pillars of Innovation.

March 2019

Speaker:  Caitlin Newey, Utilities Kingston, Kingston

Presentation Link: Conservation incentives offered by Utilities Kingston;  Incentives for water, natural gas, and electricity conservation.

February 2019

No presentation, AGM.

January 2019

Speaker:  Kimberly Bouffard, CaGBC Ottawa

Presentation link:  Green Building, Where are Now and What's Next- The Evolution of Green Building in Canada.

December 2018

Speaker:  Tim Babcock, Timothy Babcock Energy Services, 

Presentation link:  The Power Systems and Renewable Energy

November 2018

Speaker: Gary Michor, Screaming Power. 

Presentation link:  The Jetsons are Becoming a Reality in our Energy-Intensive World.

October 2018

Speaker: VENNDesign Solutions, David Vandermeer and Chris Offshack.

Presentation link:  The Opportunity for Marine Energy in Canada

September 2018

Speaker: Steve Lapp, Ktect Canada SBS

Presentation: link

July 2018

Speaker:  Ted Hsu, Post-Election De-brief.

Presentation: link

June 2018

Speaker:  Robert Miller, 3G Energy

Presentation: Link to Open Meeting Presentation 

Presentation: Link to Dr. David Layzell's Walrus Talks Energy, MaRS Discovery District, University of Calgary, Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment, and Economy- "Visualizing Energy:  A case for rethinking Canada's electrical systems".

May 2018

Speaker: Jen Valberg and Josh Suppan, Fat Chance Farmstead

Presentation: link

April 2018

Speaker:  Filament Energy

Presentation: link

February 2017

Speaker: Sylvie Briz, Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada

Presentation: link

January 2017

Speaker: David Flett, Kleen Energy Management Company

Presentation: link

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